Lenka´s top 10 reasons why learning English is the best decision she has ever made

I would like to inspire you and give you a few reasons why learning English is the best decision ever made. Especially today in this globalised world we live in. So do not hesitate and start now (after reading my blog of course).

1. Travelling is made trouble-free with English

This might sound a bit like cliché, however it is true as English is spoken widely all around the world. So you have a good chance of meeting somebody with English as their first or second language.

2. You have an easier access to much interesting information (especially online – check articles on Wikipedia in Czech and English language to find out a massive difference in their content and length!)

This is very true as you can simply check this yourself next time when you do your own research about any topic. Firstly, find an article in Czech and check the content and length and then change a language to English and you will see great changes on this page.

3. Your confidence will be very much improved

That is worth doing it, isn´t it? When you are more confident, you will find it easier to talk to many different people. Always is the best to talk about your hobbies or what you enjoy doing as you are much more confident talking about what you like. And then you can show your interest and start asking about your partner´s hobbies. And your conversation will flow effortlessly.

4. You will learn the LINGUA FRANCA of today´s world :-))

English is the language number 1 in today´s society, no doubt. And by knowing it you can become more connected to a lot of interesting people from many areas and businesses. So you get truly global.

5. You will discover that English isn´t a difficult language to learn

(Compared to Chinese I mean :-)) After discovering about beauty of this language with all the tenses and phrasal verbs, you will want to know more and more. You will be a proper explorer of the mystery of this new language. And then you will even have dreams in English.

6. Being bilingual is very good for your brain and this will stop it from ageing and deteriorating

Many researches show that knowing another language and actively using it is good for our brain. As we access different areas and are more mentally active. We are truly another person when using a foreign language. There is a saying “as many languages you know as many people you are”.

7. Making friends (or dating your future husband) from all around the world is simple with English

All users of Social Medias or any dating platform will soon notice that English creeps in and is very much used during communication there. So hurry up, there is so much more to learn and then practice it.

8. By studying English you will learn a great deal about English speaking countries and their culture

This is another interesting topic to cover as English is not spoken only in U.K. but also in U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, even Jamaica to name just few. And by reading fascinating facts about these countries ranging from royal family in London to enchanting nature of Jamaica, you will just want to see it all.

9. Watching movies in original language & reading books from English authors in English is amazing!

There are not many worse things than spoiling a wonderful movie by poor dubbing or a great book from your favourite author by not so charming translating. As original is original and only by then you can appreciate the quality of this great language.

10. And lastly, to communicate with others as this is what makes us human and closer to each other

We still enjoy a hearty chat despite of having all modern devices that allow us to be always connected via internet. Any language and words we use are designed to express our opinions and communicate these to others. So let´s have a real communication with real people using real words. Also, I would like to invite you to any English courses we offer as topics are great and also different. I am pretty sure you will learn a lot and meet new amazing people such as your English teacher and fellow students.

Here I also share my 5 reason why I love teaching English (it may get expanded to 10 soon, who knows?)

  1. I love English and that is the best start and therefore I can share my enthusiasm very well with students.
  2. I wish to inspire my dear students to feel the same about the language and to find out more about English.
  3. I aim to make lessons as practical as possible due to the fact I have lived there for almost 7 years I strongly believe I know how:-).
  4. I want to show English learners that you can learn this language too so “Keep calm and carry on”.
  5. I love foreign languages in general as they are an indispensable connection in today´s globalised world.

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