Procvičte si angličtinu: Body idioms

Idiomy jsou obrazné fráze, jejichž význam nemusí být zřejmý, i když známe význam slov, z nichž se skládají. Vyskytují se převážně v hovorovém jazyce a obvykle vznikají z přirovnání nebo vtipných obratů. Pro překladatele mohou někdy být tím pověstným oříškem. V idiomech se nejčastěji vyskytují zvířata, přírodní živly, potraviny a různé části lidského těla. Sestavili jsme pro vás kvíz s anglickými idiomy o lidském těle. Snad nad ním neohrnete nos.

1. What does it mean?

Spojte idiomy s jejich významem.

  • 1) to play by the ear
  • 2) to twist someone´s arm
  • 3) to have a sweet tooth
  • 4) to pull someone´s leg
  • 5) to be head over heels for somebody
  • 6) to turn a blind eye to something
  • 7) to have a big mouth
  • 8) to have a nose for something

  • a) to fall (to be) madly in love
  • b) to tease someone, to say something jokingly
  • c) to ignore something
  • d) to have ability to detect something
  • e) to talk too much
  • f) to convince somebody to do something
  • g) to like cake, cookies and chocolate
  • h) to improvise, to do something without a plan

2. Head to toe

Doplňte do vět slovíčka.

arm / back / ear / eye / chest / feet / fingers / hand / head / leg

  • a) You always have your _____ in the clouds.
  • b) We’re going away for the weekend. Can you keep an ____ on our house?
  • c) I’ll keep my _____ to the ground and let you know what’s happening.
  • d) These shoes cost me an _____ and a leg.
  • e) My uncle is an old _____ at car repair. I’m sure he’ll fix it.
  • f) Unfortunately, our cashier had sticky _____ and stole around 2000 dollars.
  • g) His classmates make fun of him behind his _____.
  • h) I need to talk to you about something. I want to get it off my _____.
  • i) If you want to wish good luck to an actor, say: Break a _____!
  • j) I was going to try out bungee jumping, but I got cold _____.

3. Matters of the heart

Všechny tyto idiomy jsou o srdci. Uhodnete jejich význam?

  • a) My heart was in my mouth when I was waiting for the test results.
  • b) We had to learn (know) the poem by heart.
  • c) She wears her heart on her sleeve and often gets hurt.
  • d) Let’s get to (at) the heart of the matter.
  • e) I think you’re a wonderful person. I mean it from the bottom of my heart.
  • f) You can pour your heart to me.
  • g) My heart missed (skipped) a beat when they called my name.
  • h) He’s rather half-hearted about the new project.

Správné odpovědi:

1. What does it mean?

  • 1h 2f 3g 4b 5a 6c 7e 8d

2. Head to toe

  • a) head; You are day dreaming and lost in your thoughts.
  • b) eye; Can you look after our house?
  • c) ear; I will get more information.
  • d) arm; These shoes were very expensive.
  • e) hand; My uncle has a lot of experience in repairing cars.
  • f) fingers; Our cashier was a thief.
  • g) back; His classmates do it secretly without him knowing.
  • h) chest; I need to tell someone about my problems.
  • i) leg; Break a leg! = Zlom vaz!
  • j) feet; I got nervous and lost confidence.

3. Matters of the heart

  • a = I felt nervous and worried.
  • b = We had to memorize it.
  • c = She shows her feelings openly.
  • d = Let’s discuss the main issue.
  • e = I’m sincere. That’s what I really think.
  • f = You can confess or confide in me.
  • g = I was surprised. I felt excited and nervous.
  • h = He’s not very serious or enthusiastic about it.