Business English – At the airport

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A typical flight

The taxi drops you off outside the _1_ building. You enter and find the _2_ desk. You hand in your luggage and get a _3_ pass. You may choose a window seat or an _4_ seat – if you prefer more leg room. Then you go to the passport control and _5_ check. You will be asked to take off your belt and shoes and put your keys and laptop in a _6_ and go through a scanner.

Now, you are in the departure _7_. You can just relax or walk around and do some shopping. You should keep checking the information screens to see the status of your _8_. When it says ´Boarding at gate …´, you can go to the gate and _9_ (get onto the plane). Find your seat and put your hand luggage in the overhead _10_. Before you take off, the flight _11_ (cabin crew) will give a safety demonstration and ask you to _12_ your seat belt. You can enjoy your flight now.

When you land, you get off the plane, go through the passport control and follow the signs for the Baggage _13_. Collect your bags from the carousel and walk through the _14_. If there is someone to meet you they will be waiting in the _15_ hall.

Problems you might have

  • Your suitcase is too heavy – you must pay _16_ baggage.
  • The plane will leave later than scheduled – it is _17_.
  • The weather conditions aren´t very good, let´s hope the isn´t too much _18_.
  • Your suitcase didn´t arrive – go to the _19_ Luggage desk.
  • If you travelled an a long haul flight, you may have _20_. You will need a day or two to recover.


  • 1 terminal, 2 check in, 3 boarding, 4 aisle, 5 security,
  • 6 tray, 7 lounge, 8 flight, 9 board, 10 locker,
  • 11 attendants, 12 fasten, 13 Reclaim, 14 customs, 15 arrivals,
  • 16 excess, 17 delayed, 18 turbulence, 19 Lost, 20 jet lag

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