Business English – At the hotel

Procvičte si slovní zásobu a fráze na téma pobyt v hotelu. U každého bodu doplňte jedno slovo – řešení najdete na konci stránky.

A, Hotel facilities

A double room has a double bed, a _____ room has two beds.
If your room is _____, it means the has its own bathroom.
When you are checking in, you are asked to _____ in a registration form.
When you are leaving, you check out and pay your _____.
The word „elevator“ is international, but in Britain they usually say „_____“.
The person who cleans the rooms is a _____, you can also call them „the housekeeping staff“.
If you have „half _____“ at the hotel, you will have breakfast and dinner there.
You can ask the receptionist to give you a _____ call in the morning.
The porter will carry your _____ to your room.
If you weren´t satisfied with the service you can talk to the Hotel Manager and ask for a partial _____ (to get your money back).

B, Requests and complaints

Where can I change my euros to the local _____?
Is it possible to have breakfast _____ up to my room?
It’s rather cold and I might need a _____ blanket, but I can’t see one in the room.
I’d be grateful if you could find out the weather _____ for tomorrow.
Is there an airport _____ (transfer)?
I’m sorry, but my room is _____ (not good) – it is right next to the noisy elevator.
My room is too hot. I tried to _____ the controls on the air conditioning, but they don’t seem to work.
There is an unpleasant _____ in the bathroom – I think it’s coming from the drains. I´d like to change rooms, please.
Could you send someone to look at the shower? The water ­­­_____ is very low.
This price is not the one I was _____ when I called you last week!


  • A, 1 twin, 2 en suite, 3 fill, 4 bill, 5 lift, 6 chambermaid, 7 board, 8 wake-up, 9 luggage (cases), 10 refund
  • B, 1 currency , 2 sent, 3 spare, 4 forecast, 5 shuttle, 6 unsuitable, 7 adjust, 8 smell, 9 pressure, 10 quoted

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